Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Where Have the Postings Been?

I have not posted in quite a while. No posting here was due to a health issue. A little mishap in November got blown into a full fledged problem for me in the spring. First my right foot was in a space age looking boot. It protected my ankle which had 2 fractured bones and a slight tear in a tendon on the inside ankle. I have been in therapy for the months of April & May getting strength back and limbering up the muscles. I have traded the boot for a brace.

I have missed putting my art work in several KVAL shows, but the barren streak has ended with the KVAL show at The Last Picture Show Gallery in Dixon, IL the past month. The "Bonsai Series" is represented by three compositions each 5" X7" done in acrylic. The red maple above and the two pines below.

I still participated in the KVAL traveling show with "Sunflower from Sue" and "Two Sunflowers from Sue" on display with several other pieces at Northern Illinois Open MRI located in the complex on the corner of Sycamore and Bethany Roads in Sycamore, IL.

Lots of good feedback for both shows. This has cheered me up and I hope to be back on track.

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  1. I am so happy that you painted during your injury! It was great to see you on Sat. Hope your foot/ankle is on its way to permanent health!