Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Add Artifacts to Bonsai

Somehow I did not think about posting without pictures.....I have felt I must have something to show. That is probably because I am such a visual person. If I try only words it may help me reach the goal to post more this year. Another goal is to increase the number of people who watch my blog. I need ideas about how to expand the viewer base.

I was very proud that the Bonsai Series mentioned in my last post is finally materializing. I have more than 200 plus reference pictures as source material from a trip to the Chicago Botanical Garden. When I enlarge the compositions to 11" X 14" or 16"X 20" I am thinking of including an artifact along with the post. One of the images from my MA show had a little insence burner that has popped up in some work from time to time. I think that will be one artifact to use.

My art is slow going as I work full time and art time is hard to come by. However,I have another sketch for the sunflower series that I started a while ago. I guess that deserves a post. :-) The sketch is for Sunflowers 4 (working title) and I have "Sunflowers 3" (title) sketched, a little watercolor pencil study and the drawing on the canvas ready to paint.

I started with one then two and now three and four are in progress. I am not sure if the number pattern will continue, but I do love sunflowers.

Laura Lein-Svencner, Collage artist, has inspired me to try collage. I think the sunflower 3 wc pencil study will be a part of my first one. I just need to prep my papers.

The telesummit I did with Creative Souls Unleashed run by Tamra Fleming gave me a boost too. The Creative Souls Unleashed facebook page is still up and continues to give great creative avenues to follow. Some nuts and boltsstuff, but with a creative bent, and then pure fun art stuff and creative people. I
encourage my creative soul friends to look it up on Facebook.

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  1. Hi Sherry,

    Love the colors in the pictures! Happy to hear about your painting!!

    I suggest you let your Facebook friends know when you post here. I find your posts here because I have them sent to Google Reader. But if you post the URL in a Facebook post, there will be a link there to your post here.