Sunday, July 27, 2014

Art as a Cause

Another Art Journal 52 2014 prompt. Art is my personal life raft that I have been riding on for a long time. Actually as long as I can remember. There are so many things that I counted on and when they failed I climbed aboard. I cling to my art to help me get past the trials and tribulations. For a while the waters have been calm and the choppy treacherous waves have not washed over me. Suddenly I faced a difficult physical  challenge and just before I had to run the gauntlet I found the Art Journal 52 project. I thought it a good way to sail through the days ahead. I knew I would not be able to attempt too much in the way of art projects, but this art journal seemed doable.

Mixed media is new for me to do this year. I love that there are no to rules to follow for this mixed media journal project. A lifetime of rules sometimes stands in my way, but I am having a wonderful time with the projects Chelle Stein posts prompts for the group members every week for inspiration. She offers a project of her own and some words to set us thinking. Then each artist is free to go our own way. Art as a cause was shared by many in the group. This time I did it for me.  

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