Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hidden in the Center

A new series is “Sunflower” I will explore the comment from one of my friends about,…”being hidden in the center.” I will mull over that thought. I often find hidden images in my work.

Sometimes the images lurk just out of focus and sometimes they are less overt. They almost always appear on their own. To emphasize them is now always a temptation. The image that pops is sometimes for me, sometimes from the past, or origin unknown. They come from the universe out there or maybe from the subconscious. The images may speak to me or there may be no message at all, just a reference to or from something else. (All images on site are copyright protected.)

Since my work is more a reflection of reality, well reality as Sherry sees it, I used to try to eradicate them. Now I am sure they bring another dimension to my work. As an artist. I no longer feel it to be unusual for these ghost images or shapes appear in my compositions. I have learned to live with it.

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