Friday, April 9, 2021

Thought of Day

     I want to share my thoughts for now on this blog. Today I helped finish up and get some legal documents settled. It has been 7 months ago my Mom passed away and my young sister has not been ready to get to the business of settling up the event of Mother's passing.

    Our thoughts bounce all around then settle for a moment. Sunday was Easter and I came up for a family gathering. Then I stayed in the family home with my sister and we plodded through various papers. At first, we did not make headway but then each day one part was read over then filled out. Calls had to be made to verify details but we made it. Then all was sealed up and sent away. This has been repeated each day since Sunday and today each completion made the realization that Mom is  gone hit home. We are moving on. So a milestone has been reached so we can take a break.

    I was happy I could settle down and take part in an online art workshop. We both listened to beautiful Hawaiian music the host played in the background as participants did our creative projects.

    The music brought up memories of a trip we had taken years ago.  Calming and a feeling of healing for our peace. Now I need to return to my home several hours away to work with my creative spirit to get me back on track. Today was an emotional day. I look to the dawn for renewal and reconnecting to my path to my art. 

Thursday, April 1, 2021

NO JOKE my blog is making a return

 Hello all visitors, I am participating in Effy's April Project to post every day.

Today is the first day of a new challenge I am going to be taking part in the 30-day blog challenge from Effy Wild - She is a mixed media artist writer and blends many things into her life.

It is April 1st and no joke I plan to do this project. I will be putting more posts up as often as I can for the month of April. For every post we make to our blog we agree to read 3 other members' posts to get acquainted with our community members.

 Most of what I have shared here in Paintspatters Projects is my art path. Activities and projects, I am working on following my artistic path.  

 Celebration: I have completed the 2021 Sketchbook Revival with host Karen Abend which took place from March 18 to March31, 2021. Each day 2 guests presented their sketchbook inspiration ideas. Everyone had cool tricks and styles, so it has given me much inspiration and ways to keep a daily practice. Daily practice has been a long-term activity.


Another Celebration for completing the Sacred Creativity Unleashed Hawaii Retreat with Amber Kuileimailani Bonnici. I am still working on the retreat intuitive painting. Tomorrow is another work session at our Play Date.  We gather in a zoom meeting and bring any project we want to work on.  I have some in-progress documention


Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Wisconsin Outsider Art Trip

The NIU Art Museum has what is called Get On The Bus Trips. At the end of June I went along to see some Outsider Art. It is art so I am interested in looking at it. Madison, WI was our home base for several days and we took daytime sojourns into the countryside.

That trip happened some time ago. I am wanting to get back to blogging. I hope I can follow through with Blong Along With Effy beginning April 1st which is tomorrow. To participate we have to sign up then post every day in April. Then we are to comment on other blogger's posts. That sounds like a good spark to get going again!

If you are new to my blog please read some of the old posts to see what I have done in years past. I'm retired now and recovering from an illness. Not COVID it was a Pulmonary Embolism. Glad I survived and am here to blog again.  Tomorrow I am ready to begin this posting journey for April.

I am also taking part in the Art for Earth Package! It contains over 85+ amazing art resources, and I know we all LOVE those!  Get all the details here!

More tomorrow
Sherry Lee Patterson