Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A long time ago this winter scene was given to friends. I recently got the photo from them. All my documentation of works before 1988 was lost in a house fire. Most of my personal collection was too. This was like seeing an old friend. Thanks Danny.

Today is a day of nostalgia. May 16, 1964 was a wedding day. Since it was mine it is in the memory banks. So is that marriage! 48 years ago. I cannot believe it! Where has all the time gone? We lasted 25+ years. I thought they were good. The past 23 years have not all been bad. I was in a nightmare for a while, but woke up one day in DeKalb, IL and realized I was not looking at the world through gray colored glasses anymore. The nightmare has been behind me for quite a while. New life, new friends. Not where I thought I was going, but where I am at is not too bad. The friends I have made along the way made the journey successful and rewarding.

May 16th is also my youngest grand daughter's birthday. Kayla is 6 or 7. Bad grandma loses track. But life goes on. What began in love 48 years ago still is moving on in the universe!

So to friends, to family  to life! The journey is exciting.

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