Saturday, December 29, 2012

How The Rose Painting Developed

A painting has to start somewhere once there is an idea. For my process I do an under-painting, Although I most often use burnt umber or sienna I used purple for this image. I rather like it, do you?

Sometimes I would like to stop at this point. Well, I pushed it by adding some color glazing in the example to the right.

Then I made the addition of some transparent white giving solidity to the background and the flowers. More glazes were applied over the white additions in the example to the right.

This example to the left has been warmed up with additional glazes.

Then the details were refined and final glazes were applied. When dry into the frame it went. A wedding gift to Nick and Megan Kucharski.

"Rose Bouquet" 
Acrylic 11  X 14 inches
All images copyrighted by Sherry Lee Patterson and cannot be reproduced without specific written permission of the artist.