Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Sherry is back doing projects

I cannot believe how long ago I last posted! I had developed a BIG problem! Mostly in pain for several months minimized how much I could do. There were some art projects completed and I will figure out a few to get out for viewing. Jan 13th I had major surgery....Jan 16th the kids decided Mom was back. Recouperating with my youngest son and family.
 Grandma Sherry with Kayla and Logan.above. Below not a boostie' a back brace which will be my friend for the next several months. Falling short, but giving Madonna and Lady G competition. Tee hee.
 Somewhat serious display.....
Here Sherry is sence of humor back!
Page 1 in process for prompt, "Up up and away". Week 1 Journal 52 2014