Thursday, March 6, 2014

What DO You Want

A meditation exercise inspired this page for Journal 52 2014  prompt.. A spiral seemed like a simple place to me. Art is a simple choice for me.  ART is the only way to run away without leaving home.  A single flower can be simple. Of course, it depends on what you want to do. As the artist you set up the question and how complex the answer is.
Somewhere A Simple Place
A thought popped up that nothing is simple. Maybe a place could be simple. I think I was going within to find a simple place. Sort of the idea of hiding in plain sight. That is why I put art. It is a simple place where art is in my mind. It is quiet, much of the time peaceful and a safe harbor. My art is where I go to relax, to heal, and often to survive. For years art has been my life raft.

I featured 3 of my sunflower painting series for the prompt: "You Make Me Smile." Sunflowers are cheery happy flowers and working on this series of paintings makes me smile. I smile because of the flowers and because I have created the images which other people enjoy too.
Sunflowers Make Me Smile
When more sunflower paintings are completed I will post them too. Please leave comments so I know you have stopped to visit. Thank you.


  1. I love the sunflowers--nothing is prettier than a newly bloomed sunflower. I like the three pictures on the contrasting color background!

  2. I understand so much about running away without leaving home. That is why I sew, stitch, work with fabrics, yarn, "stuff." I am truly myself there--and only there, it seems. I feel as if your "What Do You Want" visual speaks directly to me. Yet it is so much about Sherry Lee Patterson. Wonderful (Oh, and YES, Sunflowers! Wonderful again)

  3. Your sunflowers are gorgeous.
    Well, all of your art is making me smile.