Friday, May 23, 2014

A Found Poetry Prompt for Journal 52

Found poetry? What is that? A new experience for me, for sure! Another prompt for a Journal 52 2014 page. To begin, a suggestion was to search for words in printed material or go through the stash of cut out words you collected looking for interesting fonts, colors, or meanings. Another suggestion was to take a printed page, select words that attract your attention and work together to express a coherent thought, then block out the remaining words. I used a combination of these ideas for my poem
"A Change of Focus."

A Change of Focus
Expect good things you can value
How do I find my passion?
Why fret?
Obessing about SOUL SEARCHING?
More serious about it—see our lives as a kind of game.
Certain rules of the game track your progress.
To win makes life stimulating!
You are approaching a time in life when you can
Not only choose the games you wish to play
You’ll finally have the time and freedom
To experiment and play with hobbies and new occupations
Your way meets a wonderful GIFT
That poem was a very new experience. It was fun and like all of the prompts was stimulating and stretched my imagination. The page background of the work was done painting using acrylic paint. My colors are meant to give a happy uplifting feeling. The poem is just to share a thought.  

I have many more pages completed for Journal 52 2004 and ready to share. My goal for posting here at Paintspatters Project more often has been reached. Now to keep up the pace. Please leave comments. For an n artist it is always good to find out how others view the art work. Until next post have fulfilling adventures.

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