Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Long gone or is it gone long!

Well, I am back and over a year. I am wondering where the rest of 2014 went since the last post in September of that year. Sorry not have kept up posting. I will have more of my 2015 continuing mixed media art journey. Physically I am doing well. I can walk longer distances and my legs do not numb up. The pain is gone and so is much of my energy. I have been away but still doing some art projects, I will try to get more Paintspatters Projects up for you to see.
 This was the end of 2014 Journal 52 "Bright and Shiny" Christmas wrappings, snowflakes, swirling currents, and could that be a mittened hand maybe Santa on his last round.

 I dabbled in making backgrounds like the one on the right, copying and using them for projects. Friends liked some of them so I shared a few.
A matrix to use for some doodling.

The same matrix filled in and it is used in my 2014 Journal 52 inside cover. This journal is still in progress and there are more images to share

This is how my car looked in a snow drift  January 2015.
 Below is where it was parked. It is the one on the right I think. 

That was just some things I documented more of my 2015 year to come. I did take pictures and documented more of my art projects! I will be adding more in weeks to come!!!!

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  1. Will enjoy more arts posts. Let's hope you don't have comparable snow pics to post in 2016. Sure glad your back is better!