Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Projects Making Progress.

It is the first week 2017 and my art projects have continued, but I was not good at sharing them. One goal for this year is to post more often to show projects and some of the things that inspire me or topics I find interesting. In December I  took a bus trip to Chicago Field Museum to see a display of the "Terracotta Warriors". This exhibit will close on January 8th so I feel very fortunate that the NIU Art Museum arranged the bus trip.
Sherry with these two cool warriors from the Archaeological dig in China.  Terracotta Army

Where to begin? One very active area has been participating in Journal Workshops by Jenniebellie Art Journal Workshops  My samples of using text pages from old books in my art.
This one is a mixed media piece: White gesso on the page.Collage tree and "fussy cut" packages from designer paper  Later  image photocopied, trimmed for card front, embellished further by adding more packages with denominational spots to raise them up. To finish  I trimmed up the image, added glittery "washie" tape on the top and left corner, ball point pen for the background  then,tidied up with  more marker on the tree, topped with a shinny gold star  and used for a Christmas card .
 A set of floral images drawn and painted on the gesso pages. Then the face of a Queen of the Universe. 

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Long gone or is it gone long!

Well, I am back and over a year. I am wondering where the rest of 2014 went since the last post in September of that year. Sorry not have kept up posting. I will have more of my 2015 continuing mixed media art journey. Physically I am doing well. I can walk longer distances and my legs do not numb up. The pain is gone and so is much of my energy. I have been away but still doing some art projects, I will try to get more Paintspatters Projects up for you to see.
 This was the end of 2014 Journal 52 "Bright and Shiny" Christmas wrappings, snowflakes, swirling currents, and could that be a mittened hand maybe Santa on his last round.

 I dabbled in making backgrounds like the one on the right, copying and using them for projects. Friends liked some of them so I shared a few.
A matrix to use for some doodling.

The same matrix filled in and it is used in my 2014 Journal 52 inside cover. This journal is still in progress and there are more images to share

This is how my car looked in a snow drift  January 2015.
 Below is where it was parked. It is the one on the right I think. 

That was just some things I documented more of my 2015 year to come. I did take pictures and documented more of my art projects! I will be adding more in weeks to come!!!!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Traveling Time

My wings have been clipped and I have not been out and about much since having the lower back surgery in January. Journal 52 2014 has kept me in art projects. I had fun doing the travel page for week 22.
The world map in the suitcase is a maybe dream, as is taking a cruise. The map shows my current travel area.
Sailing ships or large crusing ships would be nice, but my boundries are much smaller currently. I have only been roaming from DeKalb (home town) to Lake County IL, Kenosha, Racine and Milwaukee in WI, then toward Chicago. That is what inspired this journal page. My travels had been mostly by car early in the year after surgery during the recovery period. Back to work full time May 1st took the wind out of my sails! See the Windjammer on the page? Work, home and a few days of therapy after work before getting home. Now I am doing aqua therapy in the pool at the apartment complex with a friend to "babysit" and enjoy the pool with me.

My travels had been mostly by car
1st GOTB trip north to Racine and Milwaukee
I took my first Get On the Bus Trip with the Friends of the NIU Art Museum to see the Frank Lloyd Wright newly opened tower at the Johnson Wax campus in Racine. Closed to visitors for decades we could only view the structure from the outside on a previous visit when I went on the Brut-Art GOTB trip mentioned in a previous post. This time the tower was open to visitors and we had the full tour.
TOUR info

In November my horizons will expand to visit Brown County IN on another GOTB trip. I do love to travel see the stamped hearts. This trip my body will do much better. I still tire easily and stamina is at a low ebb, but we have pain on the run!